WSSDCA Victorian State Show 2009

The WSSDCA Victorian State show was held on the 8th of November, 2009.

The show was a great day, albeit a little hot.  A total of 22 dogs attended.

Fanuilos kennels did pretty well at the show.

Our girl Alpinarc Envy Me, Freyja, took out the Best in Show award.

Freyja winning Best in Show

Runner Up Best in [...]

Gadget Goodness

I thought I would start posting up any gadgets that I would love to have;
here it one.

It looks like a horrible flip phone like my mother had, but it is actually an ultrasound.

GE Vscan portable ultrasound video

I really do love the idea of being able able to scan Elli or Freyja and watch the pups [...]

Huaka Passes his AKC Good Citizen Test

We are pleased to annouce that Huaka (Fanuilos Love Hungry Man AI) has passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test!

The Good Citizen test is the AKC (American Kennel Club) equivalent of the CCD with the ANKC – Obedience Trialing

Joan’s intention is to train Huaka as a therapy dog in the future.

Congratulations to Joan and Huaka [...]

AVA and Pennhip Scores are Back

We received the AVA and Pennhip results for 3 of the dogs from our A litter in May. These scores have been updated on the individual dogs pages.

AVA results

Bonnie – AVA Elbows – 0:0 and AVA Hips – 4:2   Australian Grade 1, International Grade B

Zarah -  AVA Elbows – 0:0 and AVA Hips – 3:1   [...]

Whelping a small litter

We have had some questions as to what Dr. John Watts did that was different to a caesarian; I will explain here.

As with AI of frozen semen, smaller litters are not unexpected.  In response to a small litter it is uncommon for the levels of hormones to be at the required levels to bring upon labour.  The [...]

Welcome to the World

I am pleased to annouce the arrive of the Fanuilos B Litter.

Our Freyja x Devil litter was only one in size but the puppy is a big boy.

He was born at 8.44am on the 3rd of June and weighed in at a massive 718 grams.

Fanuilos Hey Ladies


hey Ladies, look at my stripes! they make [...]

Amazing Ultrasound Pictures

A few weeks ago we found out Freyja was only pregnant with one puppy and we were a little disappointed as we had found some superb homes for the pups in this litter, but we were also happy as we had thought she was not pregnant at all as she wasn’t showing any signs of [...]

X-ray Day for the A Litter

Yesterday, we took Baldr, Bonnie and Zarah for their AVA hip and elbow scores, plus Pennhip x-rays at Monash Vets.

The x-rays were taken and will be sent to Dr Wyburn for scoring. Normally we send our x-rays to the AVA for scoring, but this time we opted to send them directly to Dr Wyburn as [...]

Fanuilos A Litter Turns One

On the 17th of April our A litter had their first birthday.  Feedback from all the parents suggest the pups were spoilt rotten on the day (and every day)



Bonnie and Pearl






Baldr at 1

Thank you to all the parents who sent us a birthday photo of their [...]

Freyja has Artificial Insemination

We have started the process of Artificial Insemination for Freyja for her first litter.  The sire selected is Derwish Devil von der Nordhelle.  This will be Freyja’s first litter and Devil’s first litter in Australia.

Freyja (Alpinarc Envy Me) came into season on the 21th of March.  Her first progesterone test was on Monday the 23rd [...]