Puppies Available

Congratulations to our friends at Clarelly Kennels on the arrival of their second litter with Fanuilos Girls Got Rhythm.

They have one extra special White Shepherd puppy available. He is a short coat male.

Please contact Jan for information on 03 9380 5706

An Update Regarding Australian lined Non-ANKC White Shepherds and the ANKC

It is my pleasure to announce some good news regarding the Australian lined White Shepherd Dogs and the locally bred non-ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.
Last month, at the ANKC Conference in Melbourne, the ANKC resolved to survey breed owners to obtain their view on local dog integration.  The hope is a positive outcome to bring [...]

Congratulations Pearlicious Kennels

Congratulations to our friends at Pearlicious Kennels on the arrival of their first litter.  The puppies were born on the 20th and 21st of June. 7 pups – 4 boys and 3 girls.
The parents of this litter are Riverland Whites Asta and our boy Fanuilos Hey Ladies. Photos will be added as we receive them

D Litter Turns 1

Happy Birthday to all the owners of our D Litter pups on their first birthday.

Here are some photos of the pups we’ve received from their owners so far.

Buddy – Fanuilos Hello I Love You

And then the house was quiet - Puppies go home

Our house has now returned to it’s ‘quiet’ self now that our D litter puppies have left us for their new homes.
It was a sad moment for us when the last one left our home as this will be our last litter for possibly the next two years.  We have enjoyed meeting all our families [...]

The D Litter Arrives

Our D Litter arrived yesterday, the 1st of March.

Elli whelped 10 puppies, 6 girls and 4 boys.  Unfortunately one little girl was stillborn.

Gold Boy – born 2.45pm, weight 328g
Gold Girl – born 4.10pm, weight 416g
Royal Blue Girl – born 5.16pm, weight 386g
Pink Girl – born 5.58m, weight 278g
Stillborn girl, 7.00pm
Royal Blue Boy – born [...]

The C Litter Turns 1

Our C Litter turned 1 in January!

Some of our families sent some fantastic photos of their pups. We hope all the puppies had a special treat on their birthday!


The C Litter One Month Old

Some photos of the C Litter at 1 month old – these photos were taken on the 25th of February, 2010.

Silver Boy

Gold Girl

Red Boy

Red, Yellow, Blue

Blue Boy and Blue (was Green) Girl

Blue and Gold


Purple Boy

The C Litter is Here!

Our C Litter arrived on Saturday night and into Sunday.

Elli whelped 9 puppies, 6 boys and 3 girls.
Colour      DOB                                   Gender      Weight
Gold          23/01/2010 20:15     Male           382g
Green       23/01/2010 22:27     Male           372g
Ruby        24/01/2010 2:47        Male           400g
Purple     24/01/2010 3:08        Male            342g
Blue          24/01/2010 4:04       Male             338g
Gold         24/01/2010 4:14        Female        366g
Blue          24/01/2010 7:03      Male              312g
Green       24/01/2010 7:17      Female         336g
Ruby        24/01/2010 10:40   Female          368g

We still have pups [...]

Welcome to Australia - Thor and Inga

We are very pleased to announce the arrival, release from quarantine and re-registration with the ANKC of our two new puppies, Thor and Inga. Inga and Thor were bred by the wonderful Eva-Liz at kennel Vallgården in Sweden and they arrived in Australia on the 12th of November.  After 30 days in quarantine, they were [...]