Elbow Disease in Growing Dogs

I was going to write my own article on Elbow disease or Elbow Dysplasia but I found a fantastic article written by Dr Roger Lavelle. Dr Lavelle is one of the x-ray scorers with the AVA, a lecturer at the University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary Science and was a member of the International Elbow Working Group.

He is considered an authority on the subject of Elbow Disease in dogs.

I’ve attached a link to the article. The article explains Elbow Disease and the different types, what is done in an x-ray, how it is scored and breeding recommendations for the different scores.

Elbow Disease In Growing Dogs

If you are considering buying a large breed dog, please read this article and take note of the advice with regards to breeding and which dogs should and shouldn’t be used for breeding.

This is information ALL shepherd puppy buyers should be aware of, regardless of whether the shepherd is a White Shepherd or any of the other colours.