ANKC Update to Breeders Regarding Elbow Dysplasia

The following was sent by the ANKC regarding Elbow Dysplasia and breeding dogs.  Although White Shepherd breeders in Australia are not currently registered as breeders through the ANKC, it is up to us as responsible breeders to meet or better the ANKC requirements for their breeders.


FROM THE ANKC regarding ED.


There is an internationally accepted scoring and pass rate for elbow dysplasia. It is a pass for animals with normal, grade one or grade two.

Normal is no evidence of arthritic change,
Grade One is under 2mm of arthritic change
Grade Two is 5 mm and under of arthritic change.
Grade Three is a failure and that is over 5mm of arthritic change.

The other failure is any animal with an Ununited Anconeal Process.

ANKC – National Code of Ethics

I shall breed only for the purpose of improving the the quality of the breed in line with the breed standard and not for the retail pet market or any other commercial purpose.