Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja) came to us from Alpinarc White Shepherds in NSW. She was born on the 2nd of August 2007.

envy Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

Freyja has a completely white coat, dark eyes and dark pigmentation.

 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)


61cm at the withers, and 26kgs as of the 3rd of April, 2009.

Hip and Elbow scored via AVA scheme and Hips scored via the Pennhip method.

Alpinarc Envy Me ANKC/AVA scores

AVA Elbows – 0:0

AVA Hips – 1:0

Pennhip – DI Left – 0.32, DI Right – 0.32.

DNA Profiling – TBC

IVM/MDR1 Status -TBC

Von Willebrand’s Disease Status – TBC

Show results


Best in Show, Challenge Bitch, Best Intermediate, Best Intermediate Bitch at the WSSDCA Victoria State Show – November 2009

 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

Freyja winning Best in Show

1st Intermediate Bitch, Intermediate in Show at the WSSDCA National Show – August 2009

Property classes – 2nd Best Pair of Dogs owned by the one person, with Sovereign Park Minerva at the WSSDCA National Show – August 2009

Extra special thanks to Dale Elliott who handled Freyja and brought out the best in her. She wouldn’t have done as well without you!

 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

Freyja and Dale at the WSSDCA Nationals 2009


1st  Junior Bitch and Runner Up Best Junior in Show at the WGSDAV National Show – November 2008

Property Classes – 3rd by Breeder (Alpinarc Group)

2nd in the Junior Bitch class at the WSSDCA National Show – November 2008

Property classes – 3rd female coat, 3rd forequarter,  1st stud and progeny group (stud – Kyanjuwa White Kayne)


2nd in the female Puppy class at the WSSDCA NSW State Show – November 2007
AlpinarcEnvyMe Envy1 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)


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freyjapedigree 300x180 Alpinarc Envy Me (Freyja)

Freyja's Pedigree