What's in a Name?

White Shepherd Dogs, White German Shepherd Dogs, White Swiss Shepherd Dogs/Berger Blanc Suisse Dogs, what exactly do Fanuilos breed?

In Australia, all white shepherds which have been bred here from Australian lines or Australian and imported lines are technically known as German Shepherd Dogs by the Australian National Kennel Council(ANKC) and not registrable with them.
White is a disqualifying fault in German Shepherd Dogs and cannot be registered or bred with the ANKC. There is a movement in Australia to have these dogs recognised and integrated into the ANKC as White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, as they have been by the FCI (Berger Blanc Suisse Dog – provisional recognised 2002), but currently the ANKC will only recognise White Swiss Shepherds which have been imported from FCI countries with a full FCI pedigree and their offspring.

Although the ANKC have advised that no Australian line White German Shepherd Dog will ever be known as a White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Fanuilos White Shepherds believe in breed integration (local and imported lines together within the ANKC) and we are working with that goal in mind.  Our Australian bred dogs are registered with a Non ANKC registry, the WSSDCA, which has been in existence for 10 years and have maintained a stud book during that time.  They have also been registered with other registries internationally.

We also co-owner two ANKC registered White Swiss Shepherds with Angela Sneddon.  These dogs reside with her in Sydney and will be bred in the future under our joint ANKC prefix, Andesyn.  These dogs will be the foundation of Fanuilos kennels with the ANKC, along with Angela’s new prefix, Eishund.

Does that mean Fanuilos White Shepherds use coloured German Shepherd Dogs in your breeding program?

No – at this stage Fanuilos White Shepherds will not be using coloured GSD in our breeding program. To increase the quality of our lines, we are opting to use imported semen and other quality white lines from Australia instead of using coloured GSD.
We call our Australian dogs White Shepherds as everyone understands what we mean by this. We are members of the WSSDCA and support their efforts in having our dogs recognised as White Swiss Shepherds.

Does that mean Fanuilos White Shepherds use ANKC and non ANKC registered dogs in their breeding program?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We will never breed our ANKC and non ANKC dogs together until such a time that there is no distinction between the two groups and that full integration of the breed has occurred.

So can White Shepherd Dogs, White German Shepherd Dogs and White Swiss Shepherd Dogs cross breed?

This is currently an issue in Europe – according to FCI regulations one of the requirements to be called a White Swiss Shepherd Dog is having 3 generations of all white dogs in the pedigree. While the breed is provisionally recognised, there are mechanisms to allow white dogs produced by two coloured German Shepherd Dogs to be conformed as a White Swiss Shepherd Dog to help the gene pool and breed numbers. This has caused great controversy in Europe and there is lobbying to have this rule changed.

If you study the pedigrees of many European lines, most can be traced back to the USA. White Swiss Shepherds do not exist as a breed in the USA, they are known as German Shepherds (AKC) or White Shepherds (UKC).
German Shepherds of the colour white are still able to be registered with the American Kennel Club, The Kennel Club (United Kingdom) and the United Kennel Club have recognised the White Shepherd as a breed.

In Australia, at this point in time, we have the beauty to source lines from all over the world, regardless of the name and improve the health, genetic diversity and quality of our population and increase the numbers of dogs with 3 or more generations of all white pedigrees.