About Fanuilos White Shepherds

Fanuilos (pronounced Fa-nool-los) White Shepherds are a small but dedicated kennel located in outer suburban Melbourne, Australia and owned by Michelle and Scott Nimmo.
Our primary focus is the improvement of our chosen breed, with regards to health, temperament, conformation and structure.

Fanuilos White Shepherds have a carefully thought out breeding program, adhering to the rules and regulations of the WSSDCA and having our own set of strict self imposed breeding guidelines.

We also have strict guidelines with regards to the placement of our puppies as we consider our dogs (and all our animals) as part of our family. If you purchase a Fanuilos White Shepherd, you become part of the Fanuilos family for life!

Our puppy buyers are encouraged to compete in dog sports and breed clubs and events via an incentive program.

Apart from our own breeding program, we are also involved in White Shepherd Rescue – helping with fundraising and other activities to give dogs a chance of a second life.

Be Apart of the Fanuilos Family!

 About Fanuilos White Shepherds

Bruce and Sovereign Park Minerva at the White German Shepherd Dog Alliance of Victoria show, 2006

 About Fanuilos White Shepherds

Elli (Sovereign Park Minerva) and Freyja (Alpinarc Envy Me)