The D Litter Arrives

Our D Litter arrived yesterday, the 1st of March.

Elli whelped 10 puppies, 6 girls and 4 boys.  Unfortunately one little girl was stillborn.

Gold Boy - born 2.45pm, weight 328g
Gold Girl
- born 4.10pm, weight 416g
Royal Blue Girl - born 5.16pm, weight 386g
Pink Girl - born 5.58m, weight 278g
Stillborn girl, 7.00pm
Royal Blue Boy - born 11.53pm, weight 350g
Pink Boy - born 12.10am, weight 364g
Light Blue Boy - born 12.36am, weight 298g
Light Blue Girl - born 12.56am, weight 340g
Black/Silver Girl - born 1.37am, weight 304g

Mum and pups are doing well.

We’ll have photos online shortly.

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