Welcome to Australia - Thor and Inga

We are very pleased to announce the arrival, release from quarantine and re-registration with the ANKC of our two new puppies, Thor and Inga. Inga and Thor were bred by the wonderful Eva-Liz at kennel Vallgården in Sweden and they arrived in Australia on the 12th of November.  After 30 days in quarantine, they were release on the 12th of December.

Thor and Inga have been purchased in co-ownership with Angela Sneddon and will reside at her property in NSW. We will be showing these dogs in the ring across Australia and in the future they will be bred under a jointly owned prefix, currently being approved by the ANKC.

Angela can also be found at ANKC registered Eishund kennels.

 Welcome to Australia   Thor and Inga

Thor on the day of his release from quarantine

 Welcome to Australia   Thor and Inga

Inga on the day of release from quarantine

The addition of our official ANKC White Swiss Shepherds does not mean we have given up the battle for the locally bred dogs.  We still have hopes that one day our local line dogs can stand in the ring side by side with Inga and Thor.

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