The C Litter is Here!

Our C Litter arrived on Saturday night and into Sunday.

Elli whelped 9 puppies, 6 boys and 3 girls.
Colour      DOB                                   Gender      Weight
Gold          23/01/2010 20:15     Male           382g
Green       23/01/2010 22:27     Male           372g
Ruby        24/01/2010 2:47        Male           400g
Purple     24/01/2010 3:08        Male            342g
Blue          24/01/2010 4:04       Male             338g
Gold         24/01/2010 4:14        Female        366g
Blue          24/01/2010 7:03      Male              312g
Green       24/01/2010 7:17      Female         336g
Ruby        24/01/2010 10:40   Female          368g

We still have pups [...]

Welcome to Australia - Thor and Inga

We are very pleased to announce the arrival, release from quarantine and re-registration with the ANKC of our two new puppies, Thor and Inga. Inga and Thor were bred by the wonderful Eva-Liz at kennel Vallgården in Sweden and they arrived in Australia on the 12th of November.  After 30 days in quarantine, they were [...]

WSSDCA Victorian State Show 2009

The WSSDCA Victorian State show was held on the 8th of November, 2009.

The show was a great day, albeit a little hot.  A total of 22 dogs attended.

Fanuilos kennels did pretty well at the show.

Our girl Alpinarc Envy Me, Freyja, took out the Best in Show award.

Freyja winning Best in Show

Runner Up Best in [...]