Welcome to the World

I am pleased to annouce the arrive of the Fanuilos B Litter.

Our Freyja x Devil litter was only one in size but the puppy is a big boy.

He was born at 8.44am on the 3rd of June and weighed in at a massive 718 grams.

blitter1 Welcome to the World

Fanuilos Hey Ladies


blitter2 Welcome to the World
hey Ladies, look at my stripes! they make me go faster!!!














This litter is the(“B”eastie Boys) Litter so we have decided to give this boy the kennel name Fanuilos Hey Ladies.

Hey Ladies was born via a natural delivery.  Thanks to all the efforts of Dr John Watts at Wyndham Vet Clinic we avoided a C-Section for this singleton litter.  We had assumed this would be the method of delivery.

Thank you to Monash Vet Clinic for conducting the AI which lead to  the successful litter.

And again a very massive thank you to Nicole Henschke at von der Nordhelle Kennels in Germany.  Without all of Nicole’s efforts we would not have this boy whom we hope will grow into a a stunning looking dog like his sire and dam.

I’d also like to thank Clare van der Wolde who was by my side when Freyja gave birth and is currently puppy sitting for us.

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  • Hi,

    I found this page over another breeder`s page in the www and I keep surfing around from one link to another… It is so informative and interesting! Good job and good luck with your future litter plans!

    Best greetings from Munich,Germany



    Thank you for your kind words Silvia.

    Finn is a beautiful boy, and you have done great work with him; he is certainly in excellent athletic condition.

    Love your website as well, lots of information on Finn which is great work.

    Hope to see more pics of Finn and his offspring in the future!

    Scott Nimmo