Amazing Ultrasound Pictures

A few weeks ago we found out Freyja was only pregnant with one puppy and we were a little disappointed as we had found some superb homes for the pups in this litter, but we were also happy as we had thought she was not pregnant at all as she wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy other than being hungrier but which could have been explained by the very cold weather we have had here lately.

On Wednesday night Scott and Freyja went to Wyndham Vet Clinic for another ultrasound to check where B Litter puppy is sitting so we can determine a whelping plan.

I am very impressed with the quality of the new ultrasound machine now available at Wyndham Vet Clinic and the details seen compared to our previous ultrasounds.  Dr John Watts was also able to speculate on the sex of the puppy but this is not guaranteed, just like with human babies!

Alternatively, if you are at a workplace that blocks youtube, try this:

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