X-ray Day for the A Litter

Yesterday, we took Baldr, Bonnie and Zarah for their AVA hip and elbow scores, plus Pennhip x-rays at Monash Vets.

The x-rays were taken and will be sent to Dr Wyburn for scoring. Normally we send our x-rays to the AVA for scoring, but this time we opted to send them directly to Dr Wyburn as we wanted a quick response.  Ray Ferguson took the x-rays and reviewed them on the spot for us. As many people will know, Ray is exceptionally good at giving estimates for hip and elbow scores and we trust his estimates.  For Elli Ray was only 2 points out and he was only out 1 point for Freyja, out of a possible 106.
Bonnie and Zarah look like they will both scores exceptionally well for hips and elbows.

Baldr looks like he will score very well on his hips and one elbow.  Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with a condition called UAP on his left elbow.  UAP is automatically a Grade 3 elbow. His other elbow will be a Grade 0. 

baldrselbows 300x225 X ray Day for the A Litter 

Baldr could still qualify for breeding approval with the WSSDA but Scott and I strongly suspect Baldr’s case is genetic as there is a case in the maternal side of his pedigree. Baldr also grew very rapidly, reaching 30kgs at the tender age of 5 months. This type of rapid growth is one of the environmental factors for UAP.



baldrsleftelbow 225x300 X ray Day for the A Litter 



We suspected Baldr may have an issue with one of his elbows several months ago as he was limping a little at the National show.  The limp did go away with rest so we thought it might just be from rough play with Freyja. 

But it obviously wasn’t, the other interesting fact is the limp was actually on the opposite elbow to the one which is damaged as Baldr was possibly compensating for the issue in that elbow.  Baldr will now require special care and a lot of rest.  


He will be reassessed by x-ray in 2 months and a pain management plan will be developed for him.  He will be desexed in the near future. 


More information on UAP is available online -


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  • Hi we are so terrible upset for you, but congratulations on desexing the boy, you really are trying to make a difference with this breed. A lot would keep breeding no matter.

    You still have his two beautiful sisters so thats a plus, makes us feel terrible having desexed Saffron, and I would be surprised if she has to much wrong with her.