Freyja has Artificial Insemination

We have started the process of Artificial Insemination for Freyja for her first litter.  The sire selected is Derwish Devil von der Nordhelle.  This will be Freyja’s first litter and Devil’s first litter in Australia.

Freyja (Alpinarc Envy Me) came into season on the 21th of March.  Her first progesterone test was on Monday the 23rd of March, or Day 3
Day 3 – 3.8nmol

Day 5 – 2.91nmol

Day 7 – 3.80nmol

Day 10 -14.8nmol

Day 11 - 25.2 nmol

freyjaschart Freyja has Artificial Insemination

 Freyja was ready for AI, and was taken to Monash Vet Clinic on the Wednesday night for her operation on Thursday.  By Thursday, Day 13,  her progesterone levels had reached 70 nmols, which would be her peak.  The operation occurred without a hitch and now we just have the waiting game.

Thanks to Wyndham Vet Clinic for doing the Progesterone testing and Monash Vet Clinic for doing the insemination.

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