Freyja (Alpinarc Envy Me) Hip/Elbow scores in

Well we have Freyja’s Hip and Elbow scores. And while they might be the scores we expected to get, we are resigned to accept what we got.

To those not familiar, for elbow scores are out of 0 to 3.

0 is no fault.
1 is minor elbow fault
2 is moderate elbow fault
3 is a serious elbow fault.

The WSSDCA will accept a 3 (Serious fault) and UAP: 1 (with a minor fault on the other).
The WGSDAV will fail any dog with a serious elbow fault (including UAP).
Fanuilos has a personal cutoff of 1 (only clear, or minor fault).

For hips:

Scores between 0 and 6 are allocated for all criteria, except the caudal acetabular edge, for which the maximum score is 5. For a maximum of 106.

The WSSDCA cut off for breeding is 35.
The WGSDAV is 30.

So here is the scores.

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