Huaka Arrives Safely

We received confirmation that Huaka, Fanuilos Love Hungry Man AI, arrived safely in Hawaii yesterday morning.  He met Maka, Kuali – from Alpinarc White Shepherds, and his new parents.

Kuali and Huaka have become friends already with Kuali loving having a puppy around. Kuali is our girl Freyja’s littermate.

Go to Hawaii, Hawaii, Straight to Hawaii

Yesterday, Huaka, Fanuilos Love Hungry Man AI, AKA Royal Blue Boy, left us for his long journey to Hawaii.

He will be missed.

And Only One Remained

Last week saw the second last of our A litter go to her new home.  Now only Blue Boy (Fanuilos Love Hungry Man AI) AKA Huaka remains, waiting for his flight to Hawaii.

Purple boy (Fanuilos Shoot to Thrill AI) AKA Baldr is remaining at Fanuilos White Shepherds to join Elli and Freyja as beloved family [...]