The B Litter Has Arrived

Fanuilos White Shepherds are pleased to annouce the arrival of our Michelle Brooks x Scott Nimmo on the weekend. The litter consists of only one female.

“Gold Girl” Lillian Rose – born 21.21 24/05/08 – weight – 3590 grams
- length – 49.5 cm

Elli of course has shown her experience and is now watching the new litter [...]

The Great Escape

As the pups approach 4 weeks of age, they are now beginning to be an little bit more adventurous and curious about the surrounding world.

Here is Ruby girl exploring her surroundings.

Oh look Emerald girl is asleep in the corner – I can use her back to see what is out there

Wait her nose is up [...]

Puppies at 3 weeks

The puppies are now all just over 3 weeks of age and are growing rapidly. Everyone has had a couple of meals of meat (just a little taste) and are all very active. We’ve had two escapees from the whelping box, Purple and Gold. Purple is the biggest of all and Silver [...]